Sunday, February 14, 2010

Karli Comes to Town

One of my best girlfriends received a truly wonderful and most thoughtful Christmas present from her husband this year (husbands of my friends living far away, are you listening?) It was a trip to the bay area to see her friends without her kiddo (bittersweet) and with some spending money!
Does it get any better than that? Little did he know he made my Christmas too! (Thanks Rob!)
We had a wonderful couple of days. She flew in Wednesday night and Thursday morning started off with pedicures. Alison met us with her beautiful belly which is due any minute...

Isn't she soooo cute!?

We had a yummy lunch at Posh Bagel where we shared a a bagel dog and a super delicious bagel sandwich...

We asked the guy to cut the bagel dog in half and he ended up cutting it horizontal and swirlyed on some mustard for us! Love it!

That evening, we went to the Smyths (they go way back with Karli) for dinner and then John took the kids home to bed and Karli and I went to the movies for a little chick flick time. "Dear John". She found her idol and we had to capture the moment...

Friday, was her BIRTHDAY day so we had a lazy morning and then decided to go get spray tans because we were jealous of our friends on vacation in Mexico. ;) Neither of us had ever done it before and were both a little petrified of a Ross from Friends incident and joked about it all morning. We got there and I went first because she was still filling out paperwork. I was nervous and listened so intently to all the instructions...especially the part about listening for the pause and beep to turn around in the booth and get your back. Well, there was no beep. There was a pause, but it came so quick and I was still trying to keep my eyes closed, lips pursed, arms up in an awkward robotic pose that I TOTALLY FORGOT TO TURN! I'm standing in the booth freezing, it's all done, and I've only done one side! Aaah! Completely naked, with my shower cap on, I meekly open my door a crack and yell down the long corridor, "Ma'am! Excuse me, Miss!... I, uh, forgot to turn!" Oh, such complete and utter humiliation! I can hear Karli cracking up yelling "What about Ross!?!?!" down the hall and the nice girl says she'll reset it for me so that I can do my back this time! Karli could not stop laughing. Nor could I really.
I know, I know. Another "Oh Annie" moment.
**(The tan actually looked good with the double dose. Not that drastic at all! I should "forget" every time!)
Anyway, we were all gross and smelly and had to wait several hours to shower. So we went to Target to get a couple "Cars" cars for her son Kade (who is as obsessed as Owen) and shopped around. After carpools and tutors and getting Hannah ready for her Valentine's daddy/daughter dance with John, Karli and I left to meet up with Alison and Lisa (Karli's fabulous friend who she met while training to be flight attendants together) for Karli's birthday dinner and movie. We went to "Valentine's Day" this time.

Saturday, Karli and I went to Napa where Lisa lives to shop at the outlets. The weather was BEAUTIFUL and we had lunch at the best burger place ever! Taylor's. It was delish! We each got a burger and then shared their famous garlic fries, sweet potato fries and onion rings! Divine! It was so fun to shop and spend time with Lisa. Alison (or should I say Ryan) was too worried about being far from the hospital if anything happened (again, any minute!!) so she smartly opted out and we missed her!

We picked up the babysitter on our way home from Napa, relieved John from kid duty all day, quickly changed, and then met Ryan and Alison for dinner and then back to our house for some nostalgic, college days game playing...good ol' school Mexican Train. Fun, fun!

It was such a fabulous couple of days and I miss her already! My favorite thing about the trip was getting asked several times if we were sisters or twins even!?! She's definitely my soul sista!
Thanks again Rob! Come back soon Karli!


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Looks like so much fun. Happy Birthday, Karli!