Monday, July 28, 2008

Karli's Visit

One of my best friends came to visit me this week and it was so great to see her and her baby Kade! The first night of her arrival we headed off to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk so that we could see the Porter's who were in town also!
Geesh! It's hard to juggle so many friends! ;)
I love the boardwalk for it's fried food and cotton candy and interesting assortment of people! It was 75 cents family night so it was pretty crowded but we were die-hards and closed the place down! It was much less crowded at 11 pm!! (Owen was home with Aunt Kim, but Kade just slept in his stroller!) This was Karli's camera, mine was dead, and I got no pictures of the Porters!! Lame! Good thing I got some over the weekend at BBR! 

Here's Karli in front of the tug boats kissing Kade. This is where she got her first kiss when she was 2 and the aggressive boy was 3! She even has a picture to document it, so we had to take another to memorialize...Hopefully this will be Kade's first and only kiss for a long time!!
Alex took Kade for a ride! So cute!

The next day we had the Smyth's over to see Karli and hang out. We swam all day and Alison brought a delicious dinner of lasagna, bread, salad, and lemon bars. It was perfect!

Sara and Hannah!
Alison has twin boys who are so entertaining...they are like a show you could watch all day! They find mischief wherever they go and have this great comraderie! They can make anything into a "weapon" and were able to find every gun, sword, and stick in the whole house. Similar to Jake tracking animals back in his day! It's like they have a sixth sense for it!
Here's cute Kade!

Rob joined us on Thursday night but Thursday and Friday they had wedding stuff in Napa for cute Lisa and Ben. Saturday we were supposed to go out on the boat, but John and Karli woke up sick! Alex had thrown up once the night before and Hannah woke up really sick also! No one threw up again but everyone was lethargic with tummy/body aches. We warned the Smyths but it was worth it for them to come and get some more time with Karli and Rob--they ventured the storm!! We swam again and laid around on lounge chairs and took little naps and talked a lot and...those of us that could...ate lots of fruit and cookies and pizza!

Grandpa Blatter brought over a big inflatable castle for the pool which entertained them for hours!
I could tell Hannah was really sick when she stayed put on her lounge chair rather than bounce on the castle.
Even Rob got in on the action...
He was the grumpy ol' troll under the bridge and would attack through the hole in the middle! The kids loved it!! "Come back Wobert!"
We had one casuality when Jack (or was it Ryder?) hit the step with his head after diving off the castle! 
Alex was in heaven!

Kade's first time on the trampoline...he was giggling hysterically!

Cameron and Natalie who go way back with Rob, came over in the evening and brought us loot from North Face where he works. Al and I got some great running shoes! Mine have this little button on the back where you twist the laces tighter--no tying! They are sooo cool! John got flip-flops and the kids got hiking socks, etc. 
Thanks Cameron!
Sunday we all went to church (where Karli and I were asked if we were sisters a couple of times) and then over to the Blatters for dinner, then it was off to take Rob and Karli to the sad to say goodbye!
Blatter's house...

Soul sistas!

I love you babe! You are the bestest friend a girl could ask for! Please come again soon!


Rach said...

You guys do look like sisters, both so beautiful. Wish we could of hung out more with Karli. She'll just have to come back!

Camille said...

Karli! So fun to have her there! You guys look like you had a great time, once again i am jealous! You both look so cute in those pictures! And Alyson's boys are so cute, I think about those twins all the time. tell them both i said Hi! Love you tons.

rob said...

We can't wait to come back! Miss you already!