Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Fourth of July!

We started off our day by heading to the Danville Parade where John had set us up a sweet spot the night before. The temperature was perfect and it was a beautiful day. The parade was fun (it needs more floats and marching bands); however, they gave out enough free treats to make up for it! 
The Girls
The Boys with Uncle Jason
Alex strategically turned his hat over to store all of his treats. They just kept filling it up!
Britt and I--aren't we festive!?
My cute Dad who came with my mom to visit us for the weekend! It was so great to have them here! 
The Grandmas with Owen. He was so good the whole parade. He just chilled in his stroller and watched all the excitement.

The whole group. (No, I'm NOT pregnant even though I look like it! I just forgot to suck in!)

After the parade we had a "small" get together at our house with family and friends. It started out as family, and then we added a couple of friends that are just like family, and it grew.  
The food was amazing...
Britt made this chocolate cheesecake ganache that was beautiful and decadent and delicious. I made this yummy festive cheesecake!
We hung out in the backyard and ate lots of food and the kids played in the pool...
Britt, Me, Jocelyn, and Alicia
Jocelyn and Jason King and their adorable girls were visiting from So. Cal and it was so good to see them!

We also had our 2nd Annual Bike parade in the court which the kids LOVE. It's a little crazy but so fun! 

Jake was sooo cute with Jos's Amelia

After the bike parade, we headed up on the hill where John had set up yet another sweet spot, this time to watch the fireworks. We ran into several technical difficulties, however! First, his orange '73 Blazer ran out of gas in the middle of an intersection on the way there (luckily about 5 cars were in our caravan that could stop and help), then our spot with all of the camping chairs and blankets was soaking wet from the sprinklers running earlier in the day, and then after we dried everything off and set down new, dry, cozy blankets and all settled in for the big show, the sprinklers came on AGAIN! 
Britt: "!!" 
We ended up sitting in, on top of, and leaning against the big black truck to watch the fireworks. The best was when we all got back to our house, my Dad (who stayed home with sleeping Owen) said that he had the best view ever of the fireworks right on our side yard!! Next year we're staying home!
We ended the night with a spectacular fireworks show given by John in the front yard, complete with sparklers (and NO sprinklers!)
It was a great day! Happy Birthday America! We are so blessed to live in this great country!


Camille said...

Looks like a 4th of July, evenn though I'm Mexican....I do have American pride!

cmontroy said...

Love the car parade! That is hilarious!

Jocelyn said...

We had a great time celebreating with you, thanks for letting us crash with your family. My favorite was Jake being so cute with Amelia, and John's fireworks show, and catching up with you, and the food, and...

Britt said...

Thanks for another great party. Should I just copy that sentence and keep in on hand for future use? I heart the blatters!