Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Grooming Day!

Wow! Drastic!
Today was the day. All the kids were getting a little shagalicious, which I actually love, but not when we swim every day and you have to try to get the snarls out while your children are screaming at you and crying that you must not love them or you would never put them through such torture. I know some of you can relate.
It was time...but it didn't make it any easier for mom.

Here are the 1,2,3's...
Hannah the Beautiful
(adorable bob!)

Jake the Handsome and Great
(a little short on the sides but it grows fast. She left the top a little longer and texturized for spikes/faux hawk/or whatever I'm feelin' that day!) 

Alex the Shagalicious Cutie Patootie!
(I only had Britt trim his because I love it too much!)


They look so preppy now! Not quite the rugrat, bedhead, snarly look that they've been sporting lately.

Thank you to Britt, our hairstylist, for keeping me calm the whole way through!


Britt said...

They all look so cute, but Hannah's is my favorite. Darling.

Marilyn said...

Britt, you are an amazing woman of infinite talent and ability!! The kids all look sooooo cute. Do they like their new bobs and do's? I'll bet your life is a little easier, Annie. That's great. Love you all, Mom

Farrah said...

Love Hannah's bob!

AnnieB said...

It was actually Britt Lammi, another friend of mine, who cut their hair. But you're right, Britt Callaway has a plethora of talents! She amazes me daily!

Rach said...

Saw all their hair at Britt's yesterday. Hannah's is so cute! Hope you are feeling better today.

Marilyn said...

The boys are dudes but Hannah you look so beautiful. We sure do miss all of you, maybe we can come back before you start school. It is hot in St. George love you, Grandpa Lamoreaux

cmontroy said...

How cute! I love Alex's long hair too! Hannah looks so old and runwayish. Cute kids!

Blammi said...

Hope you are feeling better.. I was hoping you were going to put John's before and after.

Hailey Kandell said...

DId you hear about Caitlin??? Keep her in your prayers.

Camille said...

LOVE hannah's bob! So polished! I love snarl look too! Miss you!

Eagar Fam said...

So cute! I can't wait to see the new do's in person!

Camille said...

I posted! Check it!!

Brent and AmberLee's Family said...

Thank you, summertime snarls are worse, aren't they? They look great! I agree with all commenters that Hannah's bob is so cute and sassy!

I have to tell you that your pics of cute Hannah and Katie at their dance recital got me thinking, it's so fun to do when they're little, and now I have Kate in dance again.

jess said...

I love it! Did you do the stack in the back on Hannah? It sort of looks like it! Way cute on them all! We are loving the short hair!I am sure you will too! It makes for faster bath times for the girls too! Your kids are so adorable! What about Owen's hair cut?

GREENLAW said...

cute new hairdo's... we've done the same at our house lately, although we took it MUCH further with the boys... (poor noah was seriously BALD the first day... it looks MUCH better now!) glad you guys are having a great summer!