Friday, October 30, 2009

Uncle Jon's in the House!

My brother was in town on Monday for business and so he got to stay a night with us.

It's always a par-tay with Jon around...

He's quite big and the kids immediately want to climb him and jump on him and jump over him and punch him and hug him and basically become Uncle Jon Disciples for a day. (What is it about big uncles??)

(Jake had soccer practice)

(He loves this angle.)
Come back. Our late night couch-chatting and everything-analyzing was just what the doctor ordered. I like having you around.


Marilyn said...

How fun that Uncle Jon got to spend a night with you all. Love the pictures, especially the Shrek-like "hands on the sides of Jon's head" one.

Farrah said...

I know Jon is LOVING those pictures of himself, lol.

Jon Lamoreaux said...

Man, so bad. The first ones are ok, but all the ones of me laying on the tramp are terrible. It's a weird angle (I tell myself in order to feel better).