Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Hannah a.k.a "Geisha Girl"

Jake a.k.a. "Jake Sparrow" (Jack's dead brother)

Alex a.k.a. "Red Fire Dragon"

Owen a.k.a. "The Not-So-Cowardly Lion"

Uncle James a.k.a. "White T"

We have some costumes that have gotten some great mileage over the years!! See if you see some repeats...

2008 (Alex in red dragon, Owen in dog)

2006 (Jake in red dragon, Alex in dog)

2003 (Twins as Hansel and Gretel)

2003 (Twins as lady bug and bumble bee)

2001 (Twins as lion and lamb)

Hope you all have a festive and happy Halloween!
(More of all the festivities to come!)


Mandi said...

dude, you are fast! adorable!

Brecken said...

Love all the costumes.. The Hansel and Grettle was adorable. Happy Halloween.

Brent and AmberLee's Family said...

Jake Sparrow. Brilliant. The kiddos are all so adorable. Hannah is quite the charming Geisha Girl. I love that you bring out the old halloween pics. So fun to look back.

Karen S said...

I was really hoping I would see a repeat of the dalmation. Glad you got a picture. Cute cute kids.

Kimberley said...

so cute Annie x

Marilyn said...

The kids are so cute. Love seeing the Halloween pics through the years. Hope you had a very fun weekend, in spite of the scary White T!?!