Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tucson Wildlife Museum

We had to make a trip on Saturday to a favorite spot from the last time we visited Tucson, the International Wildlife Museum. Needless to say, my kids love it--all things animals!

We also had to take some family pictures, since it was a family reunion!

All the cousins

Aunt Marsha with my kids

Aunt Marsha with all the cousins

The girls--me, Marsha, and Allyson. My mom only has one sibling, my Aunt Marsha, and they each had three kids--two boys and a girl. So, there are only six of us total and only two girls thus we are pretty dang close! It was so fun to see all of them! I was really missing my mom and dad and brothers this weekend and especially Uncle Bob!

Alex on the bobcat (I think)
The museum is very cool with many taxidermy animals which my children love!

Rob and Karli and Kade got to come too to spend the day with us...

We found some of our favorite animals...

It was my Uncle Bob who taught me that a rhino's horn is actually made up of hair follicles. Who knew? Crazy bit of info that only my sweet uncle would know! This one's for you Uncle Bob!

Aaaahhhh! Close encounters!

And Lauren showed us her favorite display...

It was pretty disgusting to try to pick who's poo.

We were quite alarmed when a big brown bear came traipsing right up to us...

Phew! It was just Lauren!

Owen showing daddy his favorites

The whole gang...Rachel, Lauren, Carlee, Sydney, Lexi, Alex, Owen, Hannah, Luke, Josh, Jake

Cute little Luke

Kissing penguins...almost. Disclaimer--It's not supposed to be pecking my nose! John failed at setting up the shot...or maybe that was his evil plan all along!

Allyson, Marsha, and Abby

Judd in the ferret hole!

Rob and the Woolly Mammoth!

Me and Woolly

Owen and Kade

John and Jim with the kids

John's "ready to go" face

My cousin Tony with his adorable boys--Josh and Luke

Lion Kade. Too cute.
My girl Karli...I love her so much!

not sure what's going on in this picture!

It was such a fun trip and I am so lucky to have such amazing cousins and family and friends. I love you all and it was so good to see you! Until next time...

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