Sunday, March 15, 2009

America's Next Top Mommy Models

I was going to name it "America's Next Top 30+ year old Models" but Camille hasn't reached that milestone and I certainly don't want to age her any!!

Yes, we're dorks. Yes, we know. Yes, I should be terribly embarrassed to be posting these.

We got tired of asking people to take our picture in front of this or that landmark in this cool little town Old Messiah, so then we just started taking pictures of each other. Then the Tyra started coming out--"Turn your head this way. Lean a little that way. Be fierce. More expression in the eyes. Open your eyes! Stop squinting. Stop laughing!"
It was kind of fun. If only I could keep a straight face.
(Photo editing by Camille's hubby, Eric)

Loved the blue and green doors. And the adobe and brick walls. Cool town.

Isn't she beee-yoo-tiful!?!? Dang!

Loved this one. Loved the bench.

Dem boots.

Too funny. Our own little Chico's catalog.
Gotta love girlfriends.


cmontroy said...

This is why I'll love you forever. You are soo fun and enjoying doing anything and everything. You are a friend everyone wants to have, and just make life fun. Not to mention you look beautiful in these pics! Love the wind blown hair!

AnnieB said...

Thanks Carrie! What kind words!
I love you.
I happen to remember a photo shoot we did together for Ellen's photography project in high school and you were quite the natural in front of the camera and looked amazing!! Remember that? Fun times!

Marilyn said...

You and Camille look AMAZING, Annie - America's Next Top Mommy Models for sure! You are natural and beautiful and radiant (and also look like you are having so much fun!). You guys also look gorgeous in the pics from the trip summary post - the hiking, your cute Church dresses, the sightseeing photos, etc. I loved you cuddling with Lukey and dancing with Maggie. And it was so fun to see beautiful Maryke and her darling family. What great memories you made on that wonderful trip!

Camille said...

Oh my gosh...I am embarassed, we are total dorks!! Who cares?!! Lets live it up! We are only young once right? Why not document it???!

P.S you are hot!!

Camille said...

gotta love Chicos!

Leisa Waldron said...

Fo two are hot hot hot!