Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Eve...

The Cast:
Baby Jesus--baby doll (Owen was a little too mobile)
Wise men--Mason and Katelyn
Angels--Hannah, Katie, and Sydney

After Christmas-Eve-ing with family and a wonderful dinner by Lisa, a moving (seriously they didn't stop moving) rendition of the nativity by nine little cousins, Norwegian rice cream by Grandpa Lamoreaux, and gift giving and caroling by all, we returned home to tuck in our little ones.

They opened up their one gift on Christmas Eve which is always pajamas. In fact this year Jake finally picked up the pattern.
Jake: (in a whisper) "Mom, don't tell anyone but I know what our present is."
Me: (also whispering) "You do?"
Jake: "It's p.j.'s!"
Me: (gasp!)
Jake: (shakes his head) "You get 'em for us every year, Mom!"
Me: "You're too smart for me, buddy!"
Jake: "I know."

They were so cute and cozy! Alex insisted on his Incredibles shirt to go with his.

It was wonderful to have Grandma and Grandpa Lamoreaux here to spend Christmas with us. They left on Christmas day to fly to Denver to be with Jon and Farrah and Georgia. We miss them. We took them to the train and then headed over to the Blatters for a huge, wonderful dinner and had a great day. I'm sufficiently stuffed and warm and happy from all the festivities.

(Owen's pj's were the coziest. In fact I want a full-body fleece pair for myself!)
Merry Christmas!


Camille said...

Is the fact I am always the 1st to write a comment an indicator I am your #1 stalker??

Love you, love the PJ'S. My kids were totally bummed out to get theirs-not toys. You look so beautiful... I miss your face!

is that weird?

The Slavens said...

I'm sad we missed being there with the family. That must be a pretty fancy store where you got those pjs. Kiss Kiss.