Sunday, December 21, 2008

Conversations..."Cat Fight"

Scene Set-up: We're on our way home from family dinner. It's late and I remember that we have to feed our friend's cats because they're out of town. It's raining and we pull up in front of the house.

Me: "Okay, the food is in a tupperware in the backyard on the patio table and..."
John: "Wait, I'm not going."
Me: "What? It's raining! I'm not going!"
John: "It's not raining, it's sprinkling. And you're the one who agreed to this. You can feed the cats."
Me: "Honey! It's cold and I don't have a coat and I don't want to get wet! It's RAINING!"
John: "It's SPRINKLING and I don't know where the stuff is."
Me: "It's RAINING and I'll tell you where everything is."
John: "In the amount of time it takes you to tell me where it is, you could have already fed the stinking cats!"
Me: (before he's even finished talking)..."the food is in a tupperware on the patio table and the bowls are next to the sliding door in the backyard. It's two scoops per bowl. See that was quick."
John: "I'm not going."
Me: "Well, I'm not going. I curled my hair today!"
John: "We're going home to BED!"
Me: "So? I don't want to get wet!"
John: (unbuckles MY seatbelt.) "I'm not going. You have to do it."
Me: "Honey! It's raining. I'm not going!"
John: "I'm not going."
Me: "Don't make me go!"
Long stubborn pause...
John huffs dramatically, gets out of the car, slams the door and stomps away.

Jake: "Man, I've never seen dad so mad."
Me: "I know! Sorry about that."
Jake: (long pause) "Well, you were being kind of silly mom."
Me: "Ha! Me? Listen up Jake. Let this be a lesson for you in how you treat a woman! NEVER make your lady go out in the rain!!"
Jake: "Uhh, okay mom!"

I'm right, right??


Britt said...

I really owe you now. I will be right over with an entire pan of lemon squares when I get home. So sorry to be the cause of such marital strife. And you're welcome for the teaching moment about how to treat a lady.

AnnieB said...

Promise?? Lemon bars will go a long way in restoring John's bad attitude! He loves himself some lemon bars! (That is...if I decide to share them with him!)

Rachel H said...

that is so funny! haha jake is a crack up! and you are right! you curled your hair! i hate getting my hair wet in the rain!

Camille said...

Yes, ofcourse your right...did you bribe him? Thats the way to go!

Farrah said...

This is cracking me up because I can so hear that exact conversation happening!! I think Jon and I would have had a stand-off that would have ended with me going inside. Well, I probably wouldn't have even asked him to do it because I would have known he wouldn't! So you have a very nice husband!

Brad E. said...

That was NOT John's job. It was Jake's!

Mandi Crockett said...

you are totally right!? although that is off the record, in case john reads this.

Paige said...

the only thing wrong with that conversation is that he was not smart enough to know that it shouldn't have happened AT ALL, because the outcome would have been the same.

Jon Lamoreaux said...

There is NO WAY I would have let you talk me into that. Not if you were the one that signed up for the job. John's a puss. (jk)

Rach said...

fyi, that is a legit Brad E. comment:) I was laughing so hard when I read this I forwarded it to him. I'm also laughing pretty hard at all the comments too. I see that there is Lameroux (sp?) family pattern about hating the rain.

So, ummmm, can I come over when Britt brings the lemon squares - please :)

John Blatter said...

First of all, it was BARELY sprinkling, I had the windshield wipers on INT, and that was even too much. Second, Annie said, "Stop on the way home, I have to feed the cats". "I" have to feed.... Third, It was late at night and we were going home to go to bed. The bed does not care if her hair lost some curl. I took the high road and finally did it only so we could all get home and get to bed - I was just looking out for the family.

Britt said...

Lemon squares are in the oven...