Friday, November 28, 2008


Thanksgiving was wonderful, simply wonderful, and all because of this special lady...

I love you Diane. You work so hard and yet so seemingly effortlessly to provide such wonderful occasions for us to all be together and enjoy one another and mostly eat really delicious food! You are amazing and the best mother-in-law ever and I love you so much!
Love your homemade orange rolls and cinnamon rolls...Mmmm...

and your decadent pies...

and all the other wonderful fixings you provided. (All I had to bring was the sweet potatoes, which turned out delish if I do say so myself. Thanks dad, for your famous recipe!)
Thank you to big John for the beautiful turkey!

I love this man!

Kim gives it a thumbs up!
And to all other helpers in the kitchen...

I love this picture of Lisa--the chef with finesse! (Her green beans with sundried tomatoes were to die for!)

Jason was put in charge of de-stemming the spinach which he was not so happy about--a bit tedious I think!

Grandpa made a shrimp cocktail confection that he was quite proud of. It was a hit (with the most daring!)...

While the adults finished cooking, the kids had movie time in the loft.

Cute cousins!

Dinner was wonderful and we all went around the table and said what we were most grateful for. Honestly, the first thing that came to my mind was John. I am so blessed to have chosen such a wonderful, kind, amazing man for a husband. He is my anchor, my rock, and I love him so much. I'm thankful for his parents that raised such an incredible man and who are so good to me and his great siblings who are among my best friends. I'm thankful for my family--my perfect parents and great brothers who are simply the best and I love them so much. I'm thankful for my beautiful and kind and happy children who remind me that I was born to be a mother and what a gift it is to connect with their little spirits and be filled with their enthusiasm and zest for life. I'm thankful for the gospel of Jesus Christ that gives me light and truth and peace and comfort and purpose and direction! I am thankful for incredible friends...did I say INCREDIBLE!? I am so blessed with wonderful people in my life that make me so happy and fill my soul to brimming! My home, my health, my bed, my gym membership ;) ...I could go on and on!
I am indeed thankful!

After dinner, we went for a family walk to shake us out of our food coma and burn off some extra calories!

Aggs and Uncle Scott

I had to overexpose this picture because it was way too dark. It's grainy but I love it!

We finished the day with some game-playing (Catchphrase) and pie-eating and toast-making!

(Girl's won, despite what the boys think!)
Happy Thanksgiving!


Linsey said...

All the food looks professionally made and all the family look sufficiently stuffed. Happy Thanksgiving.

Hailey Kandell said...

Looks like a wonderful day!! So glad. I told all the Kandells hello for you. :)

Camille said...

I LOVE YOU!! my dear, I want to hug you through the screen! I love those pictures, happy family. You do have a great husband and family, looks like a great thanksgiving!

Rach said...

Can I just say ditto! We are so LUCKY, I love everything you love I guess I should say we are blessed because that is the truth. love ya

Marilyn said...

What a wonderful Thanksgiving you had!! The food looks so delicious and all the cute kitchen helpers look pretty amazing, too! We truly are blessed to have dear family and friends and the gospel and all the things you listed, Annie. Love you always, Mom

Mandi Crockett said...

I feel like i was there with you. That was a great post! Isn't it great that you can get people to cooperate with pictures now that you have a blog? The food looked amazing and the company even better. Can I be a Blatter?