Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Soccer Daze Are Over!

Last Saturday we had our last game of the season! Phew! At least it's really exciting and fun to watch. John and I had to divide and conquer a lot this season with three games on different fields every Saturday (and practice for Jake and Hannah twice a week for 8 weeks or so!)
I was quite proud of these stars!

(his favorite part)


with some team mates--Sophia and Brooke

with her awesome coaches--Ted and Brian


goofing off

best cheerleader!

always cheering and somewhat cheery on the sidelines.

And of course, the end of season parties and trophy awards!

Jake with coach Andre, quite excited

Hannah got a lot of great kudos from her amazing coach Ted, he called her most improved!

He brought up tiny Sophia and joked about their combined weight being feather-like and pint-sized, but their spunk being strong!...(he liked to tease them all season)

the team

hugging her cool trophy!

Alex with his coach

He was so excited to get a trophy like his big sibs! Awesome Alex!

Fun season, glad it's over!


Camille said...

love soccer uniforms! your lush california grass is like the garden of eden compared to our desert drought straw grass or even better a dirt feild! Enjoy the green for me I miss it.

Marilyn said...

Yay for the soccer stars (and the cheery cheerleader)!! You all look so cute in your uniforms. I hope that Grandpa and I will be able to watch you play one of these years. We're so proud of you and we love you all sooooo much!!

Marilyn said...
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Farrah said...

Okay, the latest issue of Us Weekly (with dumb Spencer and Heidi on the cover) has some pics of Julia Roberts and her daughter Hazel and I must say there is a truly uncanny resemblence between Hannah and Hazel!!! They look like long-lost sisters!