Friday, July 30, 2010

Swim Team Award Night!

My camera was dead that night, so I only have photos that others took for me and sent to me. Thank heavens for good friends with cameras!
With our favorite Coach Matt...

The boys and their buddies...

Getting awards...
Hannah...(sweet and humble, struck a little pose)

Jake... (He got up on the block and did "Rocky"-esque muscle arms with a pumping fists. So cute!)

Alex...(too cool with a shy "John" smile and hurried off the platform)

Owen...(giddy with excitement, hamming it up!)

(with the lovely and awesome new coach Jen)
Owen and his swim buddy Paolo (who broke records by the way! Awesome!) Owen adored Paolo and was always looking for him!...

Great night! Great season!

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Marilyn said...

Congrats to all four kids for their super season! They are so cute, and each swims and reacts true to their own personality - it's great. The awards ceremony was very nice, too. So fun!
We miss you all and can't wait for Thanksgiving. Hope all is well with everyone. Love you!!!