Friday, July 30, 2010

Summer of Swim Team

Go Aqua Bears!!
Another summer of Swim Team fun!

This is the "professional" pic and it cracks me up! It's cute in all it's imperfections! I don't think the guy had ever worked with 4 kids at once because he didn't know what he was doing. They're grouped nicely, but the they weren't lined up well, so the perception is all off. Hannah and Owen look like they have huge heads compared to Alex and Jake! I should've saved my money and had my friend Britt take the shots!
Here's the whole team...

Alex had a fabulous season! He was the second fastest 6 & under aqua bear (Mathew Hanson was hard to beat!!) He won silver in every stroke and was so exciting to watch! It was so fun to have a kid who actually scores points at the meet (only the first heat scores). He did a great job!

Hannah had a great season too. It was a big adjustment for her and Jake because they moved up to 9-10's which means they have to do 50's (2 lengths) and flip turns! She pushed through and worked hard and shaved off time on each stroke. Her favorite stroke was breast stroke but her back stroke was her best and actually earned her a bronze!

Jake improved in every stroke and had a great season. Last year he kind of moseyed down the lane taking his time and getting side tracked by the sky (true to his nature no doubt.) This year he put more into it and worked really hard. He is always a good sport!

Owen was an Aqua Cub this year! He got to swim with a kick board across the pool and he loved it! He loved being a part of the team this year instead of a bystander. He loved the swim cap, the goggles, the cheering...he loved it all. (And can you believe I don't have pictures of him actually swimming!?!? My only excuse is that I was a kid runner for almost every meet and it was a little crazy! Travesty!) Here's some cute ones from last year!


One of our awesome coaches on Super Hero Day!!

A few more cute shots...

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Hailey Smoot Kandell said...

k I will there was more swim team opportunities in utah. my kids are fish and would love this.
And your kids look darling. Do you die over how cute it is that they look so much alike?
and you look a little too happy with that newborn in you baptism post. Sure your done? :)