Sunday, September 27, 2009


How you know that you travel a lot...

After opening a gift card for Target from one of his buddies for his birthday, Alex later said to me
"So, it's like a credit card at Target, right?"
Me: "Right."
Alex: "And I can spend it on anything I want, right?"
Me: "That's right. Anything up to $20"
Alex: "Cool!...Hey mom, what if I got a gift card to Lake Tahoe? Wouldn't that be so cool! I could ride the gondola!"
A gift card to Lake Tahoe. Only my kid.

Another day this week I had a car full of girls driving to dance class. Hannah was telling the girls how she was listening in on the phone and heard her friend's mom ask if Hannah could have sleepover and she was giggling on the phone because she was so excited. Another girl added that she likes to listen on the phone when her parents are talking to each other. The girls all asked what they talk about and Hannah said, "Do you hear them plan trips?"
I cracked up.
The other girls were all asking about whether she heard them talk about her birthday or Christmas presents or if she got in trouble, but Hannah assumed all parents talk about vacations.

That's the Blatters for ya.


cait said...

i love it. so cute.

Marilyn said...

Great conversations! Can't wait to see you in a few days. Love you, Mom

Mandi said...

so classic!