Saturday, August 16, 2008

My Uncle's Funeral

A beautiful, sad day. (8/9/08)
So thankful for his life and love and so sad to say goodbye--for now.
So wonderful to see family and friends, to hug and weep and mourn and laugh together.
So unreal and so sad.
The Cousins (minus Steve) My brother Jon, my cousins Rick, Allyson, and Tony and me
He is buried very close to my grandma and grandpa Dick and Dollie. It was so nice to visit their grave.

Uncle Jug and Aunt Jeanne, Mom, Jon, me and Dad

John and I went out to Salt Lake City two weekends ago for the funeral for my Uncle Bob. I didn't take very many pictures but I gained so much by his beautiful funeral...
Live life to the fullest, express your love to those you care about, never stop learning, and always help others and teach them what you know. Be excited about life and this beautiful world, and always be thankful and kind. I'll miss you Uncle Bob!


Marilyn said...

This is really nice, Annie. It's hard to think of Bob being gone from us - I miss him and love him so much. We have such great memories, though, and I know we will make many more - each to honor him. Love you, Mom

Wendy said...

Even though death and funerals of loved ones are hard, if nothing else we can always remember their greatness and it helps us learn how to live our lives better. What a nice tribute to your uncle.