Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Oh Owen!

Today Owen told me that he wished he could hit his head really hard so that he could be rich. I asked him why he thought he would be rich if he hit his head and he said that last time he fell down and hit his mouth, everyone gave him money and candy!
(This is actually true because he fell in a pizza parlor and there was lots of blood and so all of his little friends and cousins felt so bad for him, they gave him their coins and little toys out of the machine. A couple of them even gave him a dollar bill! It was really sweet to see their empathy!...but not so sweet now to see how Owen's figuring out how to milk it!)

The other day he asked me if everyone is a child of God. "Of course," I said, "Everyone". He replied, "Even random people? Like bald people?"

Last time we were at the dentist office for an appointment for Hannah, Owen went with me and he asked me if he could pick a toy out of the bin. I told him that those toys are for the patients and he replied, "But I've been so patient!!"

The missionaries were over for dinner last night and Owen was on one! He was hamming it up and had them rolling on the ground with laughter. I don't know what it is about this slightly inapropriate and ridiculously funny kid but he is so dang loveable.

We'll keep him!


Kim McCann said...

You know he has me wrapped around his little finger too. :) He is a doll!

Rach said...

You blogged!! Yay - I come on yours every once in a while to read your blogger - because I am so lazy I haven't installed one on mine yet. I hope you keep posting:)

Marilyn said...

Wow, Annie - it's so great to read a post from you. I usually check your blog every day, but with all the busy-ness surrounding our recent Commencement, I guess I got behind in the checking department. Owen really does say and do the funniest things. What an awesome little cutie he is! Love you all, Mom/Grandma.
P.S. the word verification is readrat.

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Hahah I love Owen!