Tuesday, October 5, 2010


While Grandma and Grandpa Lamoreaux were visiting this summer, Owen was being extra ornery and bossy at one point and Dad said, "Owen, why are you being so rude?" Owen responded with his hands up in exasperation, "Because I want what I want...and I want EVERYTHING!" We all burst out laughing and Dad said, "I think that's the most honest answer I've ever heard."
As you can imagine that is a new inside joke in our house!

This summer we went to Mexico and I decided to get the kid's their own rolling suitcases that they got to pick out at Target. You would've thought they won the lottery, they were so excited. They took their time, debating the styles and options (in the price range given) and then rolled their suitcases all over the store until our shopping was complete. Shortly after we got home to pack, Jake told me he was done. I knew there was no way as I was still doing laundry and hadn't give him his packing check list. He insisted and I opened it up to find books/magazines/ds/stuffed tiger/toys and said "What about all your clothes?" He looked at me dumbfounded, "You mean I have to put all my clothes in there?? What a waste!"

At our soccer games this weekend Hannah had a big bottle of Vitamin Water that she did not want to share with her brothers. Grandpa Lamoreaux said, "But Hannah, you can't drink that all yourself! You'll have to stop for a potty break during your game!" She replied mischievously, "No, I'll just have an accident on the field... and while everyone's looking my team can score!!" We all cracked up!! What a cute and spunky girl! Good strategizing there Hannah!! Anything to get out of sharing with her brothers!


Hailey Smoot Kandell said...

what cute little kids and comments. kids are a crack up.

Marilyn said...

So funny. Kids really DO say the darndest things!
Love you all,