Monday, December 14, 2009

Dancing Queen

Oh, I'm in love. My little girl actually looks like a dancer...

So dang cute!! If only she could keep that posture in class!
Here's her with her dance team getting ready for the photo shoot...(Hannah's wearing the crazy socks.)

Not sure what's up with this pose!...

Here's the actual photos from the photographer (the before shots with the blue wall were by Britt)

She got some cute action shots too but I didn't buy them (yet?) so I can't post them! My little girl is growing up! Beautiful and scary at the same time!


Melissa said...

Are you serious?!? Look out Annie- She is a beauty! You have got trouble on your hands!! :)

Marilyn said...

What great pictures. Hannah, you look beautiful!! Love your socks, and your spontaneous, fun-loving personality. You are THE BEST and I LOVE YOU!! Grandma Lamoreaux