Wednesday, November 11, 2009

End of the Year Soccer Parties

I didn't take very many pictures of them playing this year. Isn't that terrible? With 3 kids playing on 3 different teams, John and I had to divide and conquer a lot! I didn't always have my camera with me. I did take pics of the parties and awards though!
Hannah was an Earthquake this year and her team was awesome and nearly undefeated! We had the #1 scorer for the whole age group on our team. Hannah never actually scored (bummer. so close!) but she assisted several exciting shots to Miss #1 who then kicked it in and was a great little midfielder getting the ball down the field! We love her coaches and she has been on this team for a couple of years and improves so much each year.

Love this shot below. Another mom took it and totally chopped John's head off, but it's the only family pic we got!

Jake's party was a quick one. We couldn't stay as long because we had some other commitments so I didn't get a team pic. He was a Leopard and also had a great team and some great coaches and has improved so much this year. The funniest moment for him this season was when I was yelling from the sidelines (I guess I tend to get a little excited) and said ,"Jake that's your ball, Get the ball!!" as he was running towards it. I must not have been to one of his games in a while (again, divide and conquer) because he stopped mid run, put his hands up in frustration and yelled back at me, "I AM!!" Towards the end of the season they realized that mom wasn't yelling at them, she was yelling for them! Have I mentioned how much I LOVE watching soccer.

Gotta love soccer! (Alex's last game and party is this Saturday)
P.S. Did you see the sketchy (downright evil) moves against BYU women's soccer by a certain New Mexico player? Cra-zy!


Brecken said...

So fun. We are going to ours tonight. That's alot of trophies!

Karen S said...

Cute little Hannah with a scarf. Looks just like her cute little Mom.

Eagar Fam said...

Everyone looks so cute! I just watched that BYU soccer video...Yikes! Those chicks are nasty!