Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fourth of July Exclamations

"Happy Birthday America!"

"Mmm! Thanks Britt!"

More "Mmm!" (It's a tradition now)

"Snow Cones!!"

"Cannon ball!"

"Bike Parade!"

"We want music. We want music!" (yes, I have the parade marches downloaded and John blasted them from the stereo. It fit the mood.)



(shhh. Don't tell.)



"Good party, honey. High five. I'm exhausted. Good night."


Britt said...

Yeah for the Blatters. Yeah for traditions. I am in for next year (if I can stay on the 'A' list!)

Marilyn said...

What a party! You guys really know how to have fun. Dad and I are in for next year, too (especially since we missed THIS year). Can't wait to see you all some time soon. We are getting very lonesome for our dearlings!